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Why people should investigate different dog breeds rather than picking one based on looks

When selecting a new member of the family, special attention should be paid to what breed.

Even if the dog is a mix breed

Yes we love the fluffy dogs, Yes it has short legs, Yes it is intelligent, Yes it can pull your household apart!

Dont be selfish, this is a dog’s life that you are controlling, is it fair for the dog?

Can you offer consistent exercise, social interactions, mental simulation and training to the dogs needs?

Do you understand what the breed was originally bred for?

What do you want from the dog for? Companion? Working dog? therapy dog?

The common example of the Border Collie.
border collie
Why do you want a border collie?

Answer: Because they are so intelligent

intelligence is a good thing if you are prepared to work with it, if you leave the dog to their own devices, they will put their intelligent brain to destructive practices, you NEED to be able to give them ample mental and physical exercise. You need to work with the dog everyday! not just once a week or when they have become so annoying that you cannot simply ignore them any longer. Another thing about Border collies that people don’t realise is that Border Collies will be happy with any kind of attention whether that is because you are telling them off for pulling the stuffing out of the cushion or if the dog has obeyed your command, Border Collies need to know what you want from them and this takes time with you teaching what you want, or they will guess and this is where problems will occur.
hounds in close

Hounds are another example, hounds include; Basket hounds, Blood hounds, Beagle

Hounds were bred for hunting (working independently) and using their nose, therefore their nose can hit the ground and they will be off, this is a problem that will need to be tackled early so you know when you go the park that you will have control over your dog.
Happy 14th Birthday Sydney

Sydney silky
Are prone to skin allergies and therefore special care has to be taken for their diet. and constant checking of their coat to look for any irritations. this can play a part in their behaviour too, they might not want to be touched because it is sore and therefore they may snap, growl or bite, to try stop you from touching their sensitive skin.


Husky’s were bred to pull sleds and heard reindeer, Husky’s are a very “hard” dog to work with, they can be stubborn and will want to finish what they are doing before listening to you. I only recommend husky’s to people who have the knowledge to care for these animals from a mental, physical and social dimension

Cody Yellow Lab Happy Dog

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada the Labrador was trained to jump overboard into the icy waters to haul fisherman’s nets to shore. Labrador’s are another smart breed and that get very excited, and because of their solid stature they have the ability to push and pull people over. Labrador’s are also a swimming dog, so training will need to be put in place so that the dog doesn’t just go off and get into whatever water is around – lets face it we don’t always want to bring a wet dog home in the car.

This is just to name a few, please don’t pick a dog because it will look good or it will be a good accessory, this is a dog’s life, not a toy or a disposable item. choose a dog that is most suited to what you want from the dog.

If you need help choosing the right breed for you, talk to  me a professional dog trainer

You can email me at


Teaching your Dog Tricks

Can be near to the best interaction you can have with your dog!

Tricks help your dog to ‘learn how to learn’. If your dog can learn tricks, then she can learn obedience and good manners.

The best way to teach your dog a trick, is to make it fun for him. Use praise and small treats to reward your dog.

Practice new tricks only a few minutes at a time. You never want your dog to get bored when learning new things.

Dogs love to learn. Tricks keep your dog alert and energetic. They give your dog a chance to play and have fun.

I have people ask me all the time, “I want to spend more quality time with my dog, but I don’t want to do anything to over the top” or “what is the best way to prepare for agility/ obedience training” and I always tell them to spend the time teaching the dog a trick!

Tricks are great way to learn about how your dog ticks.

And he will enjoy working for you,

But usually the next question is “how do I tell him what I want?”

And my answer is; break it down into small chunks and succeed at those first then start putting it all together, and once you have mastered that, you will be able to move on to harder training techniques including varied reinforcement schedules.

I often get asked “why would you teach a dog a trick if it has no practical value?”

And my reply is; personally they always have a practical value, you are building up the dogs tool box from which he will be able to learn new things quicker and also he will be able to understand what you want from him better. And lets face it, dog love to please and WANT to earn that reward